Manual Credit Repair


The “Untold” Law

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) requires Credit Bureaus to remove all incorrect and/or unverifiable information from your Credit Report, however, their Procedures have been set up to automatically read, classify, and dispose of Credit Disputes they receive as fast as possible, without any human intervention, and without any real verification of the information aside from a quick automated check into the Creditor’s reporting system. When Credit Bureaus receive a Dispute from a Consumer, they will scan the Dispute Documents, run them through an OCR Scanner to detect all the text in the Document, then analyze the text to try to match the text to one of tens of thousands of prior Dispute Letter Templates they have previously received from other Consumers.

The problem is that the default actions are typically to ask Creditors if the information in their system is correct, and if they confirm the information, then the Negative Item is not removed. This “Verification Process” typically happens within a few seconds and is fully automated, which means the Disputes Letters are never even read, and no investigation is performed to get around their automated systems and get dispute letters read by a real human being is to use what we call “Manual Credit Repair”.

Manual Credit Repair(MCR)?

Negative Items are disputed using Hand-Written Letters, known as Manual Credit Repair (MCR). Letters are written by hand, they end up under the “Manual Review” stack, where a Real Human Being will be assigned to read each and determine what action to take. When this happens, the chances of getting a Negative Item removed is increased dramatically. The Computer-Generated, used and re-used Templates 95% of Consumers and Credit Repair Companies use to dispute Negative Items just don’t have the same results.

How Long Does it Take?

As soon as you sign up, we immediately analyze your credit report and select and prioritize Negative items the following 3 to 5 days, we will prepare the custom, handwritten dispute letters designed to get attention from human reviewers and convince them to remove the negatives.

Finally, we manage and finalize disputes, continuing to re-submit until all negative items are removed. Usually, within four to eight weeks, a good portion of the negative items should come off, and whatever has not yet, – we continue disputing until they come off.

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